The Family Court 走进走出 Update until Episode 23

Story Synopsis
Huang Shu Ya, Huang Guan Ying, Shen Xi Ping, Lin Le Shan and Zhao Ning are lawyers who are poles apart from each other but they are a tight group of friends. Despite being employed by two different law firms, and at times have to defend their own firms, the five do not mix work with their personal lives. This is what keeps their friendship going. After work, the group usually gathers at Shen Xi Ping's family owned pub to talk about work and their own lives. With such a strong friendship forged, a complicated love rectangle is inevitable.

Shen Xi Ping enjoys displaying his bartending skills, which often attracts the ladies in the pub. Lin Le Shan mock Shen Xi Ping for flaunting his skills to gain attention. In reality, everyone finds Shen Xi Ping's behavior to be normal and acceptable - just as it is acceptable for them to poke fun at each other, often with sarcasm. This has become part of their identity as a group of friends.

However, Zhao Ning finds it repulsive at times as she is in love with Shen Xi Ping. She likes him for being candid, his skills to differentiate right from wrong as well as his cool personality. In contrast, Huang Shu Ya does not think highly of Shen Xi Ping's flippant demeanor.

Huang Shu Ya has her own ideals when it comes to romance. Yao Xue Hong, a judge, has been admiring Huang Shu Ya for a while. He hopes that they would become a couple one day. Yao Xue Hong is the ideal gentleman who is modest and well-liked by everyone. Likewise, Huang Shu Ya also likes Yao Xue Hong and knows that he will be a good husband. Nevertheless, Huang Shu Ya is uncertain if she should be dating such a good man like him.

Following their parents' migration to Australia to live with their eldest brother, Huang Guan Ying and Huang Shu Ya moved into a condominium unit. Their next door neighbor is Lin Le Shan. After his parents' death, the orphaned Lin Le Shan was cared for by his uncle. Lin Le Shan is fond of Huang Shu Ya but he chooses not to reveal his feelings for her. Huang Guan Ying fancies Zhao Ning but she reveals that she likes Shen Xi Ping. Feeling inferior to Shen Xi Ping, Huang Guan Ying decides to forgo thoughts of becoming a couple with Zhao Ning. . Whenever she is present, her every move and every word, is liken to the sun bringing warmth to the Earth, as it is to his heart. However, he is not the only person who is attracted to Zhao Ning. Huang Guan Ying also fancy Zhao Ning. Feeling inferior to Shen Xi Ping and Huang Guan Ying, Lin Le Shan suppresses his feelings for her when it was revealed that Zhao Ning likes Shen Xi Ping.

Unknown to most, Lin Le Shan's childhood contained a lot of unhappy memories. His mother had an extramarital affair while his father suffered from a mental illness, resulting in the couple's endless bickering. Once, when his mother brought him to meet her lover, he snuck away to seek refuge at his uncle's place. A decade or so past, and with no effort on his part to search for his mother, Lin Le Shan stumbled upon a prostitute who was none other than his mother, Liu Ai Zhu. In a sick and destitute state, Liu Ai Zhu begged her long-lost son to provide for her. Still enraged from his mother's past behavior, Lin Le Shan refused. Her continuous plea caused her to fall after being pushed by Lin Le Shan in a fit of anger.

In a strange twist of fate, Liu Ai Zhu meets Zhao Ning. A moment of fluster triggered a series of fabrication. Liu Ai Zhu told Zhao Ning that she became a prostitute to support her son through law school yet her son minds her occupation and refused to acknowledge her after he became a full-fledge lawyer. Zhao Ning believed her every word and agreed to take her case to court for free out of pity. Zhao Ning will be charging Lin Le Shan with neglect and abandonment of his mother.

When Zhao Ning discovers that Lin Le Shan is the unfilial son Liu Ai Zhu was talking about, Lin Le Shan's past is exposed. News of Liu Ai Zhu prostituting herself for her son's law education, only to be abandoned by him later on, soon spread to all in the same industry. In spite of that, Lin Le Shan did not offer any explaination.

Huang Shu Ya was assigned to the divorce case between Xu Bao Ming, an insurance agent, and his wife, Lai Xiu Xiu. Lai Xiu Xiu wants to charge Xu Bao Ming with physical abuse and apply for divorce based on that. On the other hand, Xu Bao Ming claims that his wife was having an extramarital affair. Both tried their best to outdo the other by hiring private investigators to unearth evidence to support their case. With Huang Shu Ya representing Xu Bao Ming and Shen Xi Ping representing Lai Xiu Xiu, both went all out to win the case for their respective clients. By chance, Huang Shu Ya and Shen Xi Ping realized that they have both been deceived by their clients. Together, they collaborated to expose the couple.

With Huang Shu Ya and Shen Xi Ping spending a lot of time with each other in court and out, both begin to notice and admire the other's talent. The collaboration to expose their clients brought them closer and soon both develop feelings for each other. However, neither have the courage to reveal their affections.

Huang Guan Ying was the first to observe the change between his sister and Shen Xi Ping. Concerned about his sister's happiness, and being the busybody that he is, he made plans to bring them together. Despite his efforts, Shen Xi Ping was reluctant. As it turns out, Shen Xi Ping actually has an 11-year-old daughter, Shen Wen Wen, from his younger days. She is the child he had with an underage girl then, Zheng Dan Ni. After giving birth, Zheng Dan Ni was arrested and subsequently jailed for a criminal offence. Shen Wen Wen was then placed in an orphanage where she was adopted by Shen Xi Ping's mother, Zhang Zhi Fang.

Shen Xi Ping was shocked to learn that Zheng Dan Ni was the wife of his most recent client Liu Ya Cai. Liu Ya Cai is filing a divorce on claims that his wife is violent and is a threat to his safety. Liu Ya Cai revealed that although they have been married for five years, Zheng Dan Ni was still distress from an incident she suffered as a teen, when she was raped. Liu Ya Cai goes on to add that his wife's emotional and mental state is so unstable that once, she poured boiling hot water on him and went on to accuse him of insulting her.

In contrast, Zheng Dan Ni told her lawyer that during their five years of marriage, she was constantly insulted by Liu Ya Cai, who treated her as a sex slave. When she rejected his repeated advances on one occasion, he physically assaulted her. In a moment of rage, she poured boiling hot water on him. After this incident, he files for a divorce and took legal actions against her for voluntarily causing harm.

With two different accounts of how the events unfold, who is telling the truth? Shen Xi Ping is baffled. At the same time, with his past relationship to Zheng Dan Ni exposed, Shen Xi Ping was dragged into the mess against his will. Shen Xi Ping was opened about his past, and told everyone the truth. He was particularly interested in Huang Shu Ya's reaction but there was none. Misinterpreting it, Shen Xi Ping believes she is offended by his confession.

Facing her own set of problems, Huang Shu Ya was not able to respond to Shen Xi Ping's confession. She was set up and framed by fellow lawyers for flouting the lawyer's code of conduct. She may potentially lose her lawyer's license as a result.

Will Huang Shu Ya and Shen Xi Ping be able to profess and accept their love for one another? Who will win Zhao Ning's affection? Will it be Lin Le Shan or Huang Guan Ying? Having to face broken marriages on a daily basis, the group of friends is more cautious when it comes to their own relationships. They would have to confront their true feelings before recognizing who their destined life partner is.

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